Miami, Florida

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Miami Paper Museum

Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy Alphabet 

• Make your Beautiful           Chancery Calligraphy  with the same technique

as the Renaissance Era.


• Design and Produce

  your Own Initial,

  Monogram and Name


• Production in total

  harmony with Nature

1/2 Hour                   $90

1 Hour                       $160

3 Hours                     $350


Tayler, 7 Years Old Student

Calligraphy 3 Hours

1   Chancery Style

2   Chancery History 

3   Chancery Tools

4   Chancery Grid

5   Basic Flourish Strokes

6   Form your Capitals

7   Spacing 

8   Form your Monogram

9   Final Art​ Monogram


3 Hours                     $350

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Miami Beach Botanical Gardens - CALLIGRAPHY 3 HOURS

THANK YOU Notes from our Students - CALLIGRAPHY 3 HOURS

"August 7 th 2016

Dear Mr. Helfer,

Thank you for your delightful Calligraphy starter class. I had a joyful, peaceful experience.

The best part was I felt I was achieving something in such a short time. Something strictly pertinent to ME. 
My initials, beautifully, elegantly executed...

I have had several Calligraphy books for years but could not get myself started.

With your help I am now on my way to years of delightful amusement in my new activity.

I love what you say about ‘The Art of Calligraphy. “Patience and good mood is the secret”. 
This is a wonderful way to meditate for those that find it hard to sit still.

Thank you for your superb professionalism. 
Also I really like your wife, she is like the backbone of the intelligence of the process.

This work is perfect for agitated children and can help them develop small hand motor control

My kindest wishes and thanks for a process that will develop my Inner Peace...

To close, Calligraphy makes me feel wonderful and an achiever.

To the light with loving kindness


Dr. Harmony Fontaine. Metaphysician.


the Biltmore Hotel Workshop